2017-2018 Athletic Training Room Paperwork is now available

In order to be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics at Framingham State University the following pre-participation athletic training forms must be completed and reviewed by the Athletic Training staff prior to participation. All of the Framingham State Athletic Training Department's paperwork and required forms are available online on the Athletic Training section of the web site or by clicking on the links below. Please read all of the instructions carefully and complete all of the required forms.

If you are a new student-athlete at Framingham State University, please click on the new student-athlete link and complete all of the required forms. Transfer students who are participating in their first semester of athletics at FSU should also complete the paperwork for new student-athletes.

If you are a returning student-athlete, please click on the link for returning student-athlete for all of the required forms.

There are two options when completing the forms -

1.The forms are fillable pdfs and may be completed online and emailed to the Head AthleticTrainer, Laura Rusk, at You must place your digital signature on the forms. This is done by using Sign à Place Signature and creating a digital signature. You should not “sign” the document by using a font for your name, as this does not constitute a legal signature. You should also include a copy of both sides of your health insurance card. The card may be scanned or a picture of both sides of the card may be emailed.

2.The forms may be partially or totally completed online, printed, and mailed to the AthleticTraining department. If you choose to print the forms, be sure to print the entire document. Also, please use black or blue ink. 

New Student-Athlete Paperwork (PDF)

Returning Student-Athlete Paperwork (PDF)


In addition to the athletic training forms found in the above paperwork, the following should be included when you mail in your forms to the athletic training staff: 

Copy of most recent physical. New and transfer student-athletes only.

  • For NCAA sponsored varsity sports, all new and transfer student-athletes must have a recent physical. Per NCAA rules, the physical must have taken place within six months prior to the start of the beginning of the athletic season to be valid.
Fall NCAA sports: physical must take place after February 1

Fall baseball, softball, women’s lacrosse: physical must take place after March 1

Winter NCAA sports: physical must take place after April 1

Spring NCAA sports: physical must take place after August 1

Spring football, soccer, volleyball, field hockey: physical must take place after October 1

  • For intercollegiate sports, including rugby, men’s lacrosse, and cheerleading, all new and transfer student-athletes must have a physical within one year of the start of their athletic season to be valid.

Please note: If a student-athlete is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian signature is required on all forms.

In addition, the NCAA has instituted a stricter application of the medical exception policy for the use of banned stimulant medication for the treatment of ADD/ADHD.  This stricter application reflects a strong stand on policy enforcement, protecting the student-athlete competing while using these stimulants and the integrity of the sport.  If you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and are using stimulant medication, you must provide proper documentation from your diagnosing health care provider in order to participate in NCAA athletics each academic year. The forms can be found on the Athletic Training website along with all other athletic training documents and should be printed and given to your diagnosing health care provider to fill out and return to the Athletic Training Department.

For the ADD/ADHD paperwork, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these forms, the Athletic Training Department may be reached at 508-626-4564 or via e-mail at